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Protein Purification


Small scale
  • Purification of proteins from initial (small scale) expression trials using column chromatography can be done manually using gravity or by a pump. Affinity resin is available for the purification of his-, GST- and strep- tagged proteins.

Large scale

  • For purification of larger quantities of protein or for more advanced chromatography setups, different Äkta FPLC systems are available. These are all equipped with a set of commonly used columns.

Available columns
  • A variety of chromatography columns is available for protein purification, including affinity columns for purification of His-, GST-, Strep- and MBP- tagged proteins; anion exchange columns (Q, MonoQ, DEAE, heparin and CM sepharose); cation exchange columns (S, MonoS), desalting columns and size-exclusion columns (Sepharose S75, S200, Sephadex S200, Superose 6)

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