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Project Application


Protein Facility Services

  • The facility is open for requests concerning protein production, purification, characterisation and crystallisation. A list of services can be found here.

  • If your request is not available from the list, please contact the facility to discuss the possibilities.

  • Initial experiments can be performed by the Facility members, however the aim of the facility is to assist researchers with performing their own experiments. For each individual project it will be discussed up to what level the Facility will execute the experiments and when the applicant has to provide hands-on support. A number of experiments will be provided by the facility as a service, e.g macromolecular crystallisation, hybridoma culturing and antibody purification.

Short-term and Long-term Projects

  • Requests are considered either short-term or long-term projects. Short-term projects involve generally less than 3 days of work. These projects will be evaluated by the Protein Facility manager and scheduled according to availability of time and resources. However, if projects can not be completed within these 3 days, the project can be changed into a long-term project.

  • Projects are considered long-term if they take a serious amount of time and resources from the Facility. When the Facility is overwhelmed with projects, the Priority Committee consisting of both NKI- and established external researchers will evaluate the projects. The Committee will decide which proposals are acceptable for the facility based on scientific merit and technical feasibility. The facility manager only has an advisory function and no voting rights for the decision on long-term projects.

Price List

  • The Protein Facility is part of the Netherlands Cancer Institute, a non-profit academic institute. The price list for external academic users can be downloaded here. The price list for NKI users is available from the NKI/AvL Intranet. 

Project Application

  • Proposals for Protein facility services can be submitted at any time and should be send by email with attachment of a filled-up Project Application Form:

Short-term application form

Long-term application form




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