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January 2011

  •   Bernat Blasco has left the facility and moved to Barcelona.

September 2010

  •   John de Widt has been officially assigned to the Protein facility as Technician. Also Magda Stadnik has joined the facility as Research Technician. She will replace Bernat who is leaving in January 2011 to finish his masters study.

May 2010

  •     A customized Tecan EVO has been acquired for small scale protein expression analysis in E. coli. Cultures will be grown in 24-well plates and cell lysates are processed by the robot. His-tagged proteins will be isolated using magnetic Ni2+-beads.

May 2010

  •   Mass spec LTQ-Orbitrap Discovery has been installed and will be used for protein identification 

October 1st 2009

  •   The official opening of the Protein Facility will take place at the NKI on Thursday October 1st 2009 . There will be presentations given by members of the Facility as well as local (NKI) experts on protein expression, characterisation and crystallisation. Visit webpage or download program

September 2009

  •   The ScreenTape P200, an automated protein electrophoresis device will be installed at the Facility. This system allows rapid analysis (20 minutes) of 16 protein samples at a time and provides a gel image as well as a chromatogram of the separated proteins.  

September 2009

  •   The RockImager (Formulatrix), a crystallisation plate- storage and imaging system will be installed. The RockImager has a capacity for 250 96-well plates and will operate at 4 C. This system complements our Crystal Farm imaging system which stores and images plates at 20 C.

August 2009

  •   The Facility has purchased a new Mosquito nanoliter crystallization robot. This machine will eventually replace the existing Mosquito (acquired in 2004). 

January 2009

  •   Bernat Blasco has joined the Facility as a Research Technician. He will be involved in the expression, purification and characterisation of proteins.

June 2008

  •   The Protein Facility has started its activities and is open for projects concerning protein expression, purification, characterisation and crystallisation. The Facility will also start with the production and purification of antibodies from hybridoma cells.

May 2008

  •   The NWO Large Investments Grant 2007 - 2008 entitled:" The NKI Protein Facility: Identification, Production, Characterization and Interactions" has been awarded. the Grant has been written by Anastassis Perrakis together with Jacques Neefjes and Titia Sixma and allows the purchase of various equipment for the Facility, including a mass spectrofotometer, crystallisation robotics, protein production hardware and biophysical equipment.

April 2008

  •   The Structural Biology groups have moved to the 8th floor of the B-building. The NKI Protein Facility will be established on B8 as well and will also be using the same lab space.

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