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Mass Spectrometry

An LTQ-Orbitrap Discovery mass spectrometer (Thermo Scientific) coupled to a nano-LC system (Proxeon) has been installed in 2010. The instrument is used for Protein identification, validation and limited posttranslational modifications.


Protein Validation
  • The mass spec is used for protein quality control and to confirm that the purified protein is indeed the correct protein.For this purpose either purified proteins or protein bands from SDS gels can be used for the analysis.

Protein Identification
  • Identification of unknown proteins is required for multiple purposes. E.g. identification of unknown proteins that may co-purify during purification of recombinant proteins; to resolve unknown proteins that have been obtained after a pull-down experiment; or to asses the components of a multi-protein complex.

Post-translational Modifications (PTMs)
  • Although this is not the major application, the mass spec will also be used for identifying the presence of post-translational modifications (PTMs) in purified proteins.

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