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Welcome to the

Protein Facility of The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) Amsterdam

The NKI Protein Facility provides support for the production, purification characterisation and crystallisation of proteins. It is a National Facility supported by NKI and NWO and and is accessible to both internal (NKI)- and external research groups. In particular researchers who don't have the experience or the facilities to produce and analyze proteins can request for assistance with the design and performance of the experiments. Some experiments (e.g. high throughput macromolecular crystallisation) will be performed by the facility members and are offered as a service. A list of supported experiments and services can be found here

The facility is located at the top floor of the B-building of the NKI (B8) and shares its lab space and equipment with the Structural Biology groups of Anastassis Perrakis and Titia Sixma. The lab is well-equipped for protein research, including:

  • Protein production in E.coli-, Insect- and mammalian cells;

  • Automated protein purification (Äkta systems),

  • Biophysical characterization:  ITC, SPR (Biacore), MALLS, Fluorescence Polarisation, thermal stability (Thermofluor))

  • High throughput macromolecular crystallisation (96-well vapour diffusion, TOPAZ microfluidics)

For more details please visit the links at the left site of the webpage. Projects can be submitted to the facility at any time. Details for submission can be found at the Project Application page. For any questions regarding applications and experiments, please contact the facility.


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Plesmanlaan 121

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